About Clip Pinko and Lum Jamskey

Clip Pinko

Clip Pinko was born to a family with a brother named Sock. Clip and Sock wanted more freedom, so Sock seperated from his family at age 13, so Clip was left lonley. Clip moved out when he was 14, living in an alleyway all alone, but then one day he heard someone singing "I am a funky hobo" and Clip saw aanother hobo just like him. Clip asked if he could join in and he said yes. His name was Paul Wingadingding. He and Clip hung out every day then Paul made music nad became very famous. After that Clip randomly became famous too and then GUESS WHAT? He found Sock at age 17! So they are all very famous now and they have a band called The Pajommaz and they had great success. Now the Pajommaz are not making quite as much music as before, for they are commited to their fashion lines.

Lum Jamskey

Lum Jamskey met Paul Wingadingdong at a fancy restaraunt one night and Paul introduced her to Clip and Sock. They all became great friends and Clip decided to invite Lum to be in his fashion line with him, and she agreed, and so that is why this fashion line is called Pinko and Jamskey!

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