At Home

June 26, 2009
Hey, cute little purple crayons,

I'm at home right now, clipping my toenails, and eating the rest of Sally's stash of coconut shavings. I am - AH!!!  OH MY GOD!! I'M CHOKING!!! OH MY just kidding. Gotcha!! Haha. you should have seen your face! That would be cool if I could have seen it too! HAHA!

Layyyyyyyyyyyyta Kids,

Hangin Out

June 24, 2009
Hello beautiful little strawberries,
ME and sock are hanging out at the park... where... Sally's.... grave is!!! :( I am so sad about this tragety oh i have to go see ya.

Layyyyyytaa kids,

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June 23, 2009
Hello My Kind Little Walnuts!

I just found Daniel Radcliffe! He was with that Hermoinie kid. I don't know her real name... but she's very pretty :) Anyways... he said he had no idea who injected the poision... but he thinks it was Anna from Anna and Kristina's Grocery Bag. Now i'm going home. I guess I'll give up. And Sally, if you bought a computer in Heaven and are reading this right now, I miss you. Come home soon! No wait then you'd be a living dead. I'M GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES FOR A WEEK...

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June 22, 2009
hey bright little chipmunks,

right now i am in california chasing down daniel radcliffe because he injected poision into Sally's coconut shavings and killed her. now i'm off to give him a little talking to... >:l

Layyyyyyytaaa kids,
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